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Web Marketing for tourism and accommodation facilities in Italy
tourism web marketing and web design web agency for advertisement on web for accommodation

We propose us and our customers in web market and search engines with more than 500 portals related to tourism and tourist areas in Italy but also in East Emirates Dubai or London or Scottland, England… always visible and well indexing and ranking on top positions in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Msn, Bing, iStella, within our tourism portals insert advertising banners representative of your hotel, connecting directly into your website. In this way there is an advertising campaign just for your hotel in exclusive, commission costs, with more than 5,000 links in tourist portals brand’s Dream Land. Critical to remember that we work in close cooperation with the Web Engine Design, and we have always wanted to enhance the web market for tourism in Italy, creating a network of tourism portals are highly visible on the Internet.

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Creation of dynamic websites for hotel and accommodation with higher positioning and higher visibility

A custom design, designed according to the colors in the logo, the style of your hotel or your wellness, a multilingual site in English, Italian, German, Spanish, French … always think that it is fundamental in the web world, the relationship investment / economic return. Without exaggerated costs, we propose to hotels of every kind, from the tourist village farm, from Wellness in Trentino hotel by the sea, projects that are unique and custom made for you: create dynamic websites carefully studying graphics and design, which are graphically beautiful but also excellent from the point of view of indexing, positioning and optimization.

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Creation of dynamic websites for hotel and accommodation with higher positioning and higher visibility
Develop and manage iOS app in official Apple Store 
Develop and manage iOS app in official Apple Store

We develop applications for iOS operating system, then download on any iphone, ipad, ipod, mac, so completely free of charge and exclusively. In addition to web advertising, marketing, creation of the website, with engineers and graphic designers also develop your app downloaded from iTunes, available for all Apple devices. Nowadays Applications hotels are one of the most important resources that you may have, a communication channel is ideal for anyone who wants to create a business and marketing plan to reach your target.

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Integrated System into your Hotel’s website of the Hotel Booking Engine Software for online booking requests of holiday

In addition to creating your dynamic web site, develop a system for customized booking engine software for the management and sale of the rooms on the Internet, so that the tourist once entered into your own website, you can book the room online viewing availability for the period, calculating the various supplements of the holiday and may pay the deposit in full security and privacy by credit card or paypal account. An online payment system, fast and secure, and you will immediately see the accommodation payment made.

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Integrated System into your Hotel's website of the Hotel Booking Engine Software for online booking requests of holiday without commissions
Promotion and advertising on the Internet for hotel and accommodation
promotion web marketing for hotel deals in Internet management and visibility

One of our best services for hotels and hotel facilities, you just make them visible in the top position in the search engines by analyzing your website from all points of view. Be visible on the Internet with their own web pages or by creating a network of advertising Advertising and Promotion through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo !, definitely brings a significant advantage for the hotel that want greater visibility For this we propose a project advertising on the Internet at low cost, no commission, exclusively for your area through targeted ads that can attract tourists to their web sites.

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Newsletter e Direkt-Mail – Mailing List 

Among the various products and services that we offer to our clients affiliates, we propose an integrated Newsletter and Mailing List to always send news, information, offers and last minute deals to your customers … you can send new offers for their holidays and much more curiosity: in addition to transmitting high emotion, can be used to communicate their availability, news, events and special offers.

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Integrated System of Newsletter e Direkt-Mail - Mailing List